Tips for Getting the Best Sleep of Your Life at Extended-Stay Rentals in Vegas


sleeping at extended-stay rentals in las vegasBeing away from home can mean that your sleep suffers. But when you’re sleeping at extended-stay rentals in Las Vegas, you can’t afford to go through your day on a subpar night of rest. Thankfully, there are ways that you can ensure you’ll get the best sleep of your life even while traveling! Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re on the road and trying to rest up for your next big client meeting or to enjoy your extended vacation.


Firstly, routine is important when you’re traveling. From keeping up on your nutritional routine to exercise routine to following the same steps you usually do when getting ready for bed – it can all impact your sleep quality. When your routines are thrown off, your sleep schedule will be, too. If you usually do a few unwinding yoga poses before bed at home, then do it on the road. If you always have a cup of calming tea before you hit the sheets, bring tea packets with you to extended-stay rentals in Las Vegas.

Plan for Distractions

You don’t have as much control over distractions and noises when you’re traveling. So, plan for them so they don’t affect your sleep schedule. Do you always sleep with a fan for white noise? Bring a noise machine or download white noise app to mimic your typical sleeping environment. Does your bedroom smell a certain way? Bring something that reminds you of it! It could be as simple as a candle or room spray. Whatever makes your room smell like home can nearly guarantee you’ll get more restful sleep.


When you’re at extended-stay rentals in Las Vegas, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with an exercise routine. But moving will ensure that your sleep quality and amount will mimic that of the kind you get at home. Daily exercise is crucial to a great sleep schedule but don’t workout too close to your normal or needed bed time. Aim for morning or later afternoon moving to work out the extra energy of the day.

With these tips, you’ll get the best sleep if your life while at extended-stay rentals in Las Vegas. No matter if your trip is a week or a month, sleep is something you can keep consistent! Contact us today to schedule your reservation.

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