Traveling can be challenging when you’re trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution to get fit. Between the abundant cuisine, client happy hours, and working long days, your “new year, new you” plan can be even harder to focus on. However, finding a Las Vegas extended stay with a fitness center, like Emerald Suites, makes keeping up with your routine when on the road that much easier. Squeezing fitness into a tightly-packed schedule is so much simpler when the gym is on-site. Here are some additional tips on ways to keep your New Year’s resolution during your Las Vegas trip.

HIIT It Hard

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there’s no doubt that your schedule is packed. Use the time that you do have available to make the most significant impact and improve your fitness. Using HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can be an effective and efficient way to get a workout in with a limited amount of time. Several disciplines of fitness, like Crossfit and Beachbody, use HIIT in their programming. The goal is to focus on maximum output over a shorter period of time – think of it as a sprint, not a marathon. A 15-minute HIIT routine can be just as effective as spending an hour on the treadmill, if not more. And the best part? You can use equipment at your Las Vegas extended stay fitness center to get it done.

Watch Intake

Traveling means excess – especially in Las Vegas. But, what happens here doesn’t stay here when you end up carrying it home on your waist. So, when you’re out on the town, watch what you’re eating. The first step is to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will not only make you feel better, but can curb the number of calories you inhale. Secondly, feel free to indulge a little just not too much. Try to pick healthier options when dining out and keep snacking to a minimum. If you’re traveling for business, you might need to wine and dine clients. If drinking is on the menu, stick to drinks that are lower in calories, like vodka and club soda, to avoid overdoing it on alcohol.

Take advantage of your Las Vegas extended stay with fitness center on your next trip to keep your new year, new you plan on track!

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