Traveling for business is just like traveling for pleasure – you must focus on staying safe during your trip. Business travelers are the victims of crimes or acts of violence all the time, but there are ways to protect yourself when you’re on the road. The first important step is finding lodging with protection like our Las Vegas extended stay with security. At Emerald Suites, we take your safety very seriously. Here are some great safety tips to keep in mind when you’re staying with us in Las Vegas.

Site Safety

It almost goes without saying, but you want to select lodging that’s set in a safe location and neighborhood. Sometimes, excellent options may be located in up-and-coming areas that can change from safe to not so safe within a few blocks. Check out the entire area where your Las Vegas extended stay rental is located. Our Emerald Suites locations are set in safe communities surrounding by convenience.

Use Included Resources

Using safety precautions that are available at your extended stay lodging in Vegas is key. As an example, taking advantage of the in-room safe to protect your belongings while you’re out wooing clients is a smart move. Don’t want to carry all the cash you’ve brought or variety of cards in your wallet? Store them in the in-room safe conveniently and securely. In addition, find a place that has on-site security for added safety. Obviously, if you’ve picked lodging in a great location, security shouldn’t be an issue, but having the peace of mind of knowing they’re there if you need them could make all the difference.

As with any trip, practicing general safety is important. Stay alert of your surroundings when traveling alone. Don’t flaunt flashy accessories or publicly purchase big ticket items. Travel in groups, even when it comes to catching a cab back to your Las Vegas extended stay with security just in case. Staying smart will keep you safer during your trip.

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