If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel for an extended business trip, you know that trying to eat healthy and stay on track can be difficult. However, many weekly rentals in Las Vegas, including ours, offer a full kitchen that makes starting your day off right a little easier. When you’re traveling for a lengthy visit, you want to keep your routine and diet as close to normal as possible. Luckily, coming up with a healthy, quick breakfast can be easy with these deliciously nutritious ideas – and the best part is that they’re hotel-friendly!

The Classics

Weekly rentals in Las Vegas equipped with full kitchens are perfect for making traditional breakfasts like bacon and eggs. If your extended stay lodging has a stove and refrigerator, you’re pretty much set! Fry up and egg or two and crisp up some bacon. Top it all off with a fresh cup of coffee and start your day just like you would at home. The comfort of a routine breakfast can be key when you’re traveling for an extended period.

Overnight Oats

Have a fridge? Pop some delicious overnight oats in there and have a quick, healthy breakfast to enjoy in the morning. From nut butters to jellies, jams, and even chocolate, there are endless combinations that make overnight oats the perfect way to start your day. If you don’t have time to cook up a full breakfast, overnight oats are a great solution. Sometimes business meetings start early, but it doesn’t mean you have to skip the most important meal of the day! Check out these great overnight oats ideas.

Quick Quiche

Running a little behind but still looking to get in your morning dose of protein? Try a microwave quiche! Even if your weekly rental in Las Vegas has a stove, that doesn’t mean you have to use it. Toss a few ingredients into a mug and pop it into the microwave. You’ll have a healthy and nutritious breakfast quiche in five minutes flat. It really works! Try this spinach and cheddar quiche recipe on your next business trip.

Weekly rentals in Las Vegas can be almost as good as home when it comes to making a great breakfast. Don’t go hungry until lunch on your next extended stay and take advantage of the excellent amenities in your room. Call us today for more information about our weekly rentals in Las Vegas.

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