Traveling can be stressful, but being able to bring your best friend along is a wonderful exception to the rule. By choosing pet-friendly extended stay apartments in Las Vegas, you can bring the comfort of home with you in the form of your animal companion. But how can you make them feel right at home on the road?


Try and stick to your pet’s routine as much as possible. Is your dog crate trained? If possible, bring the crate with you when traveling. The crate acts as your pet’s home base – it makes them feel comfortable and secure. In addition, bringing some of your pet’s blankets that smell like home can also ease the transition into a new place. If you and your pet take a walk at the same time every day, don’t disrupt this during travel.

Exercise Well

Speaking of walks, when you first arrive at your pet-friendly weekly rental in Las Vegas, take your pet for a nice, long walk. Not only will he or she burn lots of energy, they’ll be able to sniff and explore their new surroundings right away. There are lots of new sights, smells, and tastes to take in. Be sure that you’re watching your pet during the walk. In a new environment, they may be tempted to ingest something that’s unfamiliar or harmful.


Make sure to pack enough supplies for your dog. From waste bags to chew toys, your pet needs to have an adequate travel pack, too! Try to bring enough food with you for the duration of your trip, or if the same food you feed your pet at home can be found in a nearby pet store, just pick up a bag when you arrive. Don’t try and switch your pet to a new food when traveling. Not only might this cause intestinal distress, your pet may refuse to eat. You should bring at least one familiar toy or chewy with you, but feel free to pick up something special for your pet while you’re in town. A mix of old and new can be comfortable and exciting for your furry friend.

At our pet-friendly extended stay apartments in Las Vegas, your pet is just as welcomed as you. Our goal is to provide convenience and comfort in a relaxing atmosphere. Contact us today to find out more!

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