If you’re preparing for an extended stay in Las Vegas, then you’re probably doing lots of research on weekly rentals in the area. There are a variety of properties offering weekly rentals in Las Vegas – those that are corporately run and those featured on the ever-popular travel lodging site, Airbnb. But why choose one over the other? Here are some things to consider when selecting weekly rentals in Las Vegas:


When you’re settling in for a long stay, no matter the reason for the trip, you want to be sure you have enough space for you and your stuff. Weekly rentals in Las Vegas can range in size, but most extended stay properties provide a room or rooms big enough for you to feel comfortable. If you’ve ever used Airbnb, you know that finding the perfect mix of value, space, location, and comfort can be challenging no matter where you’re looking.


If you’re away from the comforts of your own home, putting in face-to-face time all day, do you want to come back to your lodging and participate in more social interaction? Sometimes, the best thing at the end of a long day is peace and quiet. Weekly rentals in Las Vegas through extended stay suites offer excellent privacy and your own room to relax in. When staying in an Airbnb, though quaint and homey, you might be expected to interact with hosts or other guests depending on the setup. Many hosts are cognizant of guests’ need for privacy, but that doesn’t remove the chance for awkward small talk every time you return to the accommodations. In addition, extend stay suites frequently offer a security service for extra peace of mind.


Not every Airbnb offers all the conveniences of home. If you’re planning an extended stay, you’ll want to be able to cook your own meals on your schedule, do your laundry, and keep your fitness on track. Weekly rentals in Las Vegas offered by professional hospitality firms provide these conveniences for your use on your own schedule. The kitchenette in your suite is never closed. And most properties provide 24/7 access to onsite fitness centers, so even if your meetings run late or your schedule is atypical, you can get a good workout in.


Many weekly rentals in Las Vegas allow you to bring your furry best friend. If you’re planning an extending stay, having Fido to share the experience with can make all the difference. We spend every day with our pets and they become part of the family. Having pets around make any space immediately feel more like home. Some Airbnbs allow you to bring pets, but many do not. In fact, many already have pets onsite. Navigating pet introductions can be tricky – what if the onsite pets don’t get along with yours? With pet-friendly extended stay suites in Las Vegas, you can be sure your companion will fit right in.


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